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General Rules

BAC Country Rentals LLC in Lyburn, WV

Our comprehensive guide ensures you’re well-informed and compliant with all regulations, enhancing safety and efficiency. Whether you’re a local resident or visiting, understanding these rules is crucial


  • Only adult riders who have signed the Rental Agreement and Waiver of Liability shall operate any rental machine.

  • Renter is responsible for bringing machine back clean and fully fueled. This will result in a $50 cleaning fee and fuel fee based on $5/gallon fee.

  • A helmet must be worn at all times while operating or riding rental machines.

  • Do not operate any machine in a reckless or dangerous manner.

  • Obey all posted signs. Do not ride faster than posted speed limits.

  • Do not carry persons other than what the machine is designed for.

  • Ride at your current skill level, do not push your limit. Be careful.

  • Do not ride outside of designated trail areas. This includes areas posted DO NOT ENTER or posted PRIVATE PROPERTY.

  • Any machine rollover will result in loss of security deposit and/or up to $2500 depending on damage to machine. 

  • Do not participate in any race or contests involving other machines.

  • Do not tow other machines.

  • No alcohol consumption before or during use and possession of rented machines or other vehicles and equipment.

  • Watch out for cliffs and drop-offs, be careful.

  • Be aware of other riders and machines. Slow down when approaching a blind corner. 

  • Do not park and leave machine unattended.

  • Machines are to be returned on time or will result in additional fees being charged.

  • There are no refunds for early returns.

  • There are no refunds due to weather conditions.

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